U.F.O. Zone Edition

U.F.O. Zone Edition from zOne.sk is a “subtractive synthesizer plugin”

“U.F.O. Zone Edition is upgraded version of original U.F.O. plugin with some updates, improvements and fixes. It is a subtractive synthesizer with three oscillators. Two of them have mutual filter, in which the frequency of oscillators is modulated by two LFOs. Third oscillator has independent filter, in which the frequency is modulated by three LFOs, two of which are graphical. Final sound is adjusted by kit of effects (delay, chorus, reverb), which is applied for each group of oscillators apart. Our intention was to reduce CPU usage and to make clean and simple user interface. U.F.O. ZE includes many presets, which can be extended by preset randomization function. Additional presets can be expected in future updates.
Change log for version 1.3.1:
– Fixed audio buffer overflow bug that occur during randomization.
– Fixed bug that can cause plugin to hang your DAW.
– U.F.O ZE now includes 160 presets.
Change log for version 1.2:
– NEW 12 LFOs: based on Ikeda map, Lorenz attractor, Rössler attractor.
– NEW 3 random LFOs: random Sine, Saw and Square.
– NEW 2 noise generators in all OSC including LFOs.
– NEW presets (total 98).
– NEW 27 filters (total 32).
– Optimized LFOs (include graphic/step LFO).
– Optimized chorus effects (50% improved performance when both chorus are active).
– Optimized many small modules.
– Optimized and adjusted UI (less memory usage).
– Optimized, adjusted and decreased frame rate of all scopes, lower overall CPU usage about 20-30%.
– For .EXE version only – Added virtual piano keyboard.
Notice: Presets from previous version are not fully compatible with new version because of new features incorporated in this update. If you already created your own preset with previous version you can send it to us and we will convert it for you. The same difference is between new version 1.2 and its special extension.”

Windows VST32  v1.3.1 (1.96 Mb)

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