TAL-Filter-2 from TAL Software (Togu Audio Line) is a “host synced filter module”

“TAL-Filter-2 is a host synced filter module with different filter types, panorama and volume modulation possibilities. This can be used for tremolo or trance gate effects. Panorama modulation maybe is useful to pan your percussion, hats or sound effects in the stereo room for more interesting rythms and sounds.
Different modulation types: LP 12dB, BP 12dB, HP 12dB, Pan, Volume
Super clean SVF filter with diode clipper in the feedback path. Capable of self oscillation.
Easy to use spline editor.
Stereo offset for modulation when in filter mode.
Host sync with different sync options (normal, dotted…)
Trigger button sets the modulation position to the start without lose host sync. Can be automated.
Legacy Mode: Just for backward compatibity. Please don’t use if you create something new.
File based presets.
MIDI NoteOn trigger option.”

Windows VST32  v2.1.1 (21.55 Mb)
Windows VST64+AAX  v3.1.0 (12.18 Mb)
macOS AU+VST+AAX  v3.1.0 (12.63 Mb)
Linux VST  v3.1.0 (4.07 Mb)

VST3 Presets: TAL-Filter-2 vst3.zip (0.09 Mb)

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