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Odin 1

Odin 1 from TheWaveWarden is a “12-voice polyphonic synthesizer.” “First released in 2016, Odin 1 represents the humble beginnings of the Odin synthesizer line. While being restricted to Windows only,… Read more »


Wavtransit from Psychic Modulation is a “Loop Sampler” “Wavtransit, created specifically for the 2007 KVR Developer Challenge, is a VSTi loop sampler designed for manipulating longer samples and recordings to… Read more »


Vento from Acrobatics is a “4 voices chorus/ensamble” “A high-structured 4 voices chorus/ensamble which treats every voice with a different harmonic modulation, and includes an additional tremolo section giving further shine and sculpting possibilities using… Read more »


Alieno from Acrobatics is a “Monophonic synthesizer” “Originally written for KVR website DC competition, Alieno is Acrobatics’ peculiar performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation. It is easely suitable for lead… Read more »


Aethereal from Psychic Modulation is a “Ambient vector synth” “Aethereal is an ambient vector synth for creating evolving atmospheres and textures. Aethereal comes equipt with over 100 built in sampled… Read more »


Arptron from Psychic Modulation is a “Hybrid phase distortion arp-synth” “A hybrid phase distortion arp-synth with two crossfading oscillator sections, part VA, part phase distortion. Equipt with an onboard dual… Read more »


Cerebrum from Psychic Modulation is a “Hybrid groovebox-style drum machine” “Cerebrum is a hybrid groovebox-style drum machine comprised of 5 drum synth modules, over 150 built-in drum sounds and an… Read more »


Cubix from Psychic Modulation is a “Drum Synth Plugin” “Cubix, created specifically for the 2006 KVR Developer Challenge, is a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth. Each drum section… Read more »


Metatron from Psychic Modulation is a “2 Oscillator Analogue Synth” “Metatron is a 2 oscillator phase synth with an arpeggiator that works alongside a gated modulation sequencer for creating unique… Read more »