T-Force Alpha Plus

T-Force Alpha Plus from Mastrcode Music is a “Substractive/FM Synthesizer”

“T-Force Alpha Plus is a subtractive synthesizer with FM capabilities (Frequency Modulation), especially designed
for trance music and similar styles of electronic music. Its multi voice oscillators are ideal to create a wide range of sounds for any genre of electronic music . It has a integrated envelope controlled trance gate effect to create rhytmic gate effects how they often were used on pad sounds in many classic trance track.
Subtractive/FM synthesis
32x polyphony
3 free running multi voice Oscillators
Phase retrigger option
Phase offset control
Sine, saw, ramp (reversed saw), triangle, pulse (square with PWM) waveforms
Pulse width control for the pulse waveform
Oscillator Voice control with up to 8 voices per osc
Detune control to detune each of the single oscillator voices against each other
Custom voice for customizing your own style multi voice oscillator
Controls for octave, semitones and cents (finetuning)
Adjustable stereo width, panning and volume for each single oscillator
Each oscillator can be frequency modulated (FM) by itself (Feedback FM) or each other.
Oscillator 2 can be synced to oscillator 1
Separate noise oscillator with controls for stereo width, low cut, high cut, panning and volume
Multimode resonant state variable filter
4 filter modes: off, low pass, high pass, band pass
12dB/24dB slope (2 Poles/4 Poles)
Controls for cutoff, resonance, filter envelope amount and keytracking (key follow)
1 ADSR amp envelope
1 ADSR filter envelope
2 ADSR mod envelopes
3 ADSR FM envelopes per oscillator to modulate the FM signals
2 LFOs with sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse waveforms
Tempo can be synced to the VST host’s bpm tempo
Phase retrigger option
Phase offset option
32 step envelope controlled trance gate
Sidechain effect
Dual delay effect with stereo or ping pong mode
Saturation/distortion effect
2 band low shelf/high shelf equalizer with controls for low frequency (bass) gain and high frequency (treble) gain.
Other features:
Portamento with auto glide option, glide amount control, retrigger or legato mode, 4 different legato modes
Pitch bend wheel with adjustable pitch bend range. Standard pitchbend function. It also reacts with the incoming standard pitchbend MIDI message fron your MIDI keyboard.
MIDI learn
All controls are fully automatable
Available as 32 bit/64 bit VST2 and 64 bit VST3
How to install: instructions how to install this plugin are included in the zip file.
Info: presets and soundbanks made with versions earlier than version 1.5.0 are not compatible. This is because the versions 1.5.0 and higher use a new different preset managing system. All infos about the new preset system are included in the zip file.
Please note: supports Windows 7 and higher only, because the plugin uses a new graphics API – all graphics now will be rendered with your graphic card’s GPU instead of the CPU. Windows XP doesn’t support the new graphics API. Only compatible to Windows – you might need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017 Redistributable”

Windows VST32+64  v1.5.2 (10.06 Mb)

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