T-Force Alpha Plus 2

T-Force Alpha Plus 2 from Mastrcode Music is a “Substractive/FM Synthesizer”

“T-Force Alpha Plus 2 has all the features oft its predecessor plus some enhanced and also some new features: a new graphical user interface with customizable colors, new designed oscillators with a new “analog drift” mode, new designed envelopes, a new filter with a lot more filter types, new and better designed lfos, new enhanced trance gate effect, new additional effects and it also has a completly new designed delay and reverb effect and a new customizable overall polyphony contol with several options.
Subtractive/FM synthesis
Polyphony control with up to 128x polyphony and up to 128 polyphony reserve voices (this gives you a maximum of 256x polyphony)
3 voice stealing modes: hard stealing, soft stealing and overlap
Voice refresh mode – if enabled it sends a pulse trigger signal to refresh the polyphony voices – but note, this can cause heavy CPU spikes if enabled. To prevent CPU spikes just disable the voice refresh mode.
3 free running multi voice Oscillators
Phase retrigger option
Phase offset control
Sine, saw, ramp (reversed saw), triangle, pulse (square with PWM) waveforms
Pulse width control for the pulse waveform
Wave shaping option to shape your own style custom oscillator waveform
Oscillator Voice control with up to 8 voices per osc
Detune control to detune each of the single oscillator voices against each other
Custom voice for customizing your own style multi voice oscillator
Controls for ocave, semitones and cents (finetuning)
Adjustable stereo width, panning and volume for each single oscillator
Each oscillator can be frequency modulated (FM) by itself (Feedback FM) or each other.
Oscillator 2 can be synced to oscillator 1
Phase & pitch drift option to simulate the voltage inaccuracies of vintage analog oscillators
Separate noise oscillator with controls for stereo width, low cut, high cut, panning and volume
Multimode filter with 14 different filter types
Controls for cutoff, resonance, filter envelope amount, velocity amount and keytracking (key follow)
1 ADSR amp envelope with options for velocity senivity and inverted mode
1 ADSR filter envelope with option for inverted mode
3 ADSR mod envelopes
3 ADSR FM envelopes per oscillator to modulate the FM signals
3 LFOs with sine, saw, ramp (inverted saw), triangle and square waveforms
unipolar or bipolar mode
Phase retrigger mode
Phase offset control
Tempo control
Sync mode to sync the tempo to the host tempo
Delay control to add a pre delay if LFO phase retrigger is enabled
Attack control to let the LFO modulation “fade in” if LFO phase retrigger is enabled 
Step sequencer:
Step sequencer with up to 32 steps and a lot of different features to create melodic/rhythmic sequences to play e.g. a rolling bass sequence by playing a single MIDI node.
4 mode phaser effect
Distortion unit with 4 different distortion modes
Tone control with low frequency (bass) & high frequency (treble) gain controls
Trance gate effect known from the first Alpha Plus version, but with a freshly new styled gate sequencer for better workflow.
Dual mode delay effect
Reverb effect
Other features: 
Portamento with auto glide option, glide amount control, retrigger or legato mode, 4 different legato modes
Pitch bend wheel with adjustable pitch bend range. Standard pitchbend function. It also react with the incoming standard pitchbend MIDI message fron your MIDI keyboard.
MIDI learn
All controls are fully automatable
Available as 64 bit VST2/VST3. 32 bit version maybe will come later, if i’ll find some time to port it to 32 bit.
How to install: instructions how to install this plugin are included in the zip file.
Info: the VST2 version of the plugin also uses the VST3 preset system (.vst3preset), to make the presets cross-compatible. For more infos please read the “Read me first!” text file included in the zip file.
Please note: supports Windows 7 and higher only, because the plugin uses a new graphics API – all graphics now will be rendered with your graphic card’s GPU instead of the CPU. Windows XP doesn’t support the new graphics API. No Mac support, because some 3rd party code modules are used inside the plugin which are just available for Windows. If the developers of these code modules make them available for Mac, i will also add a Mac AU version in future.
You might need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017 Redistributable”

Windows VST64  v1.0.2 (8.65 Mb)

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