Subconscious from Psychic Modulation is a “Dual arpeggiation sequence synth”

“An arpeggiation sequencer synth split into two sections for crossfading with feedback modulation. Independant filter and amp envelopes for both sections. Subconscious has two different onboard sequencers, a gate sequencer and a modulation sequencer, which can be used for stepped sequences, gated pads and modulation of the pitch and filters. Features presets by Tim Conrardy.
-2 oscillator sections, each consist of a modulator and carrier
-Sync, Ringmod and FM of each osc section
-Crossfader with reverse (hampster) switches
-Two filter sections with envelope inverters, gain compression & stages 1-4
-Gate Sequencer: For triggering or gating sequences
-Mod Sequencer: For sequence modulation of pitch and filters
-Sequencer Polyphony: Allows ‘layering’ of sequences for each key pressed, thus acting similar to an arpeggiator.
-Random Probability for each sequencer
-5 envelopes:
2 amp, 2 filter and one mod. Each envelope can be triggered by the gate sequencer, individually or simultaneously.
-3 assignable LFOs with fade in time
-Dual Stereo Delay section
-Assignable X/Y vector and modwheel
-Feedback modulation:
Creates feedback between the two oscillator sections, which modulate each other.
-64 presets (32 by Tim Conrardy)”

Windows VST32  v1.2 (1.83 Mb)

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