RF-Pads from Ronan Fed is a “Drum ROMmpler featuring modern kits”

“RF-Pads is a drum rompler that includes modern kits.
• 12 Drum Kits
• 16 Pads
• 16 output audio channels for each pad
• MIDI note assignments to Pads
• Main Reverb, Filter (LP and HP), Compression and Volume
• Volume, Panning, Tune, Distortion, Saturation, Stereo, Amplitude ADSR,  Filter (LP and HP) and EQ for each pad
• Load your own samples in wav format
• Load and save presets and banks”

Windows VST64  v1.0.2 (16.15 Mb)
Windows VST3  v1.0.2 (16.16 Mb)

Manual: RF-Pads_Manual.pdf (0.23 Mb)

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