thrummaschine from de la mancha is a “3-band distortion effect” “thrummaschine is a 3-band distortion effect with independant, LFO-driven filters. Make your bass, mid and high frequencies oscillate at different… Read more »


truc from de la mancha is a “multi-effect plugin” “truc is a multi-effect VST plug-in, with 4 banks of effects controlled by the movement of 2 pucks. The top puck controls… Read more »


pfilter from de la mancha is a “probability step-sequenced filter” “pfilter creates a steppy, gated effect, but using filter cut-off instead of volume to give a wider range of possibilities…. Read more »


therapy from de la mancha is a “audio mind melt” “therapy is an effect plugin that allows you to express your innermost feelings, neurotic ramblings or burning, muderous rage, and… Read more »


machin from de la mancha is a “randomised multi-effect” “machin is a random, probability-based, step-sequenced multi-fx device created in partnership with sink – the step sequencer defines the probability that… Read more »


gator from de la mancha is a “random gating effect” “gator creates a random gating effect, triggering volume between 2 adjustable values by a tempo-sync’d probability-based step sequencer. An LFO… Read more »