moot from de la mancha is a “flexible audio mute plugin”

“moot is a flexible audio mute plugin with a number of additional features. The mute switch (Hit Me) can be assigned to a single midi keyboard key and act in 3 ways
as a latch (one press mute, release stays muted, next press unmute, release stays unmuted)
in default mode (hold down to mute, release to play audio)
in invert mode (hold down to play audio, release to mute)
The minimum and maximum volume can be set so that as well as muting, moot can act as a switch between a high and low volume
In addition there is an audio gate to chop the audio and a smooth control to add a small attack/decay between changes
specify any midi key as the trigger
can act as a mute, unmute or latch
can switch between lower and upper volume settings
tempo sync gate with smoothing
midi learn”

Windows VST32  v2.3 (1.37 Mb)

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