machin from de la mancha is a “randomised multi-effect”

“machin is a random, probability-based, step-sequenced multi-fx device created in partnership with sink
– the step sequencer defines the probability that any single random effect will be triggered on that step
– the weighting defines the probability for each effect that it will be the one that is triggered
6 effects (gate, crusher, filter, flanger, delay, reverb)
2-32 step probability sequencer over a cycle of 2-32 beats
seeded randomisation with loop repeat over cycle of 2-100 beats
swing control for step sequencer
any effects can be turned off to save CPU
each effect has an attack/decay on triggering and pulse length to determine duration effect is on
master wet/dry mix control
all controls have MIDI learn”

Windows VST32  v1.0 (1.78 Mb)

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