faderratic from de la mancha is a “randomising cross-fader”

“faderratic brings you cross-fading of 2 stereo inputs, but with a mind of its own and a ton of options to change the fade shape, length, limits, frequency and probability. faderratic works by generating a pulse on a tempo-sync frequency, and depending on the probability it may trigger a cross-fade event. You can optionally make the fader auto-return to either side and if you feel like it, trigger a fade manually or control the fader movement totally manually.
NOTE: faderratic is a multi-input effect plugin, with 2 stereo inputs. You need a host that allows multi-input effects for the cross fading to work. If your host does not allow multi-input effects, you can still use faderratic as a gate, as it will cross-fade 1 stereo input with silence
probability based auto-cross-fader
cross-fade is triggered based on user defined frequency and probability
cross-fade duration in ms
13 different envelope shapes for the cross-fade
trigger alternate fades or auto-return to either input pair
partial fades by scaling the throw and fader limits
4 fade laws
manual trigger
option to manually control cross-fader
all controls assigned to midi CCs”

Windows VST32  v1.0 (1.22 Mb)

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