Eclipsis from is a “hybrid wavetable synthesizer”

“Eclipsis is hybrid wavetable synthesizer with three oscillators each with his own frequency and subtractive modulation. Additional modulation possible with 6 LFO assignable trough modulation matrix with 9 sources and 39 modulation targets. Arp/Gate (Dynamics) module with abillity to assign routing to 7 targets. Two effects racks, each containing Reverb, Chorus and Delay effect. Unique preset randomization, subpreset saving/loading for easy preset creation and more.
Use right mouse click to set default parameters on all controls and double right click to set it to zero.
– Preset manager.
– Complex preset randomization.
– Subpreset saving/loading for easy preset creation/modyfication.
– Main aplitude control.
– Polyphony / voice selector (up to 32 voices).
– Portamento (glide).
– 3 independent oscillators each with route output, detune, phase offset, scope, ADSR, smoothing control (1 pole LP filter), pan and amplitude control.
– 118 Waveshapes and 3 additional tools to adjust base Waveshape (increase total number of final shapes to 1888).
– FM modulation with selectable input signal source (Frequency, Pitch, Velocity), detune, waveshaper, scope, smoothing (1 pole LP filter) and amplitude control.
– Subtractive modulation with 17 Filter types, cutoff modulation with selectable input signal source (Frequency, Pitch, Velocity), detune, waveshaper, ADSR, scope, smoothing (1 pole LP filter) and amplitude control.
– Mod matrix with amplitude controls, 9 input sources and 39 mod targets.
– 6 LFOs.
– 2 Effect rack each with Reverb, Chorus/Flanger and Delay (syncable to host) effect.
– Arp/Gate module with 8 selectable targets, adjustable number of Steps (4-32), frequency control and divider (example: divide one 32 step pattern to 2 patterns with 16 steps), playback control (Forward, Forward and hold, Backward, Backward and hold, Ping Pong /Forward-Backward/).
– Arp module section for semitones (+/-1 octave range) and for octaves (+/- 5 octaves range, pattern randomization, shift, load and save.
– Gate module with smoothing controls, randomization.
MIDI CC and MIDI learn will be implemented in next version.
Windows only (32-bit), VST 2.4.
Installation: extract to your VST folder with all subfolders inside. Thoose subfolders contians subpresets and they should be in same folder as eclipsis.dll. Eclipsis will then automaticly open corresponding folder for selected section.”

Windows VST32  v1.0 (2.25 Mb)

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