D2 from de la mancha is a “all-rounder compressor”

“D2 is an all-rounder compressor with an easy to use interface for quickly dialling in some common settings. D2 can be heavy or subtle, razor quick or gentle, clean or dirty and is happy as an insert or buss compressor.
Stereo compressor with gain reduction meter
True stereo, each channel is compressed independently
Threshold down to –40dB
Ratio 1.5:1 to infinity
Attack from 0-30 ms
Release from 5ms to 2.4s
Make-up gain to 20dB
VU meter shows actual and peak levels of gain reduction
Dirt option gives added distortion and enhancement
All control parameters named and mapped to midi CC”

Windows VST32  v1.0 (1.67 Mb)

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