Cubix from Psychic Modulation is a “Drum Synth Plugin”

“Cubix, created specifically for the 2006 KVR Developer Challenge, is a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth. Each drum section has it’s own dual X-Fade sequencer section for beat mixing, as well as an Auto-Mix function. Designed with live operation in mind, Cubix can be used for making complex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched and manipulated in a number of ways.
-4 drum modules (kick, snare, hihat, & perc)
-1 Bass Synth module
-4 Wav Layer sample players for use with each drum module
-Samples can be looped, reversed and start/end positions can be altered all in realtime
-Each module has it’s own in-depth control panel
-X-Fade Sequencers for each drum module for mixing between 2 different beats
-Auto-Mix funtion for automatic BPM-Synced mixing between beats
-Amplitude and Filter/Pitch modulation sequencers for the Bass Synth
-LFO section for Bass Synth for modulationg the filter as well as synced pitch
-Arpeggiator for Bass Synth with portamento option
-Bass sequencer can be used for gated arps/leads or stepped sequences
-Random probability for each sequencer with 2 types of randomization
-Each sequencer can play at different speeds, directions or length
-Adjustable start/end positions for each sequencer
-MIDI options for triggering each sequencer
-Each drum sequencer can be assigned to be triggered by a seperate key
-Bass sequencer can be assigned to different octave ranges
-Host Sync function for running Cubik in sync with your host
-Drum Mixer with light up trigger analyzers
-Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6)
-Mute/Solo switches for each module
-Delay section with damping, dotted and sync/manual rate options
-FX send control for each module
-Patch Randomization for select controls on each module
-32 presets”

Windows VST32  v1.2 (7.83 Mb)

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