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Rombo from Acrobatics is a “Distortion effect” “Distortion madness for fun, fun, fun! A true stereo quality choice for drums, synths, guitar or bass dynamic overdrive processing. Rombo captures all… Read more »


Stratum from is a “Unison Detune Plugin” “Create unison effect with full control of each voice amplitude and stereo position, create stereo from mono, make synced pitched delay or… Read more »


thrummaschine from de la mancha is a “3-band distortion effect” “thrummaschine is a 3-band distortion effect with independant, LFO-driven filters. Make your bass, mid and high frequencies oscillate at different… Read more »


bent from de la mancha is a “circuit-bent resynthesis effect” “bent is a circuit-bent resynthesis effect. It will recreate the incoming audio into an approximation of itself using a waveform-morphing… Read more »