Category: Processors/Effects


RF-DSP from Ronan Fed is a “Multi-Effect Processor” “RF-DSP is a Multi-Effect processor. Features Parametric EQ (3 Bands) Compressor Distortion (Overdrive, HardClip, BitCrush and Saturation) Chorus Phaser Stereo Enhancer Delay… Read more »


Vento from Acrobatics is a “4 voices chorus/ensamble” “A high-structured 4 voices chorus/ensamble which treats every voice with a different harmonic modulation, and includes an additional tremolo section giving further shine and sculpting possibilities using… Read more »


Forbice from Acrobatics is a “Stereo filtering module” “A stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio… Read more »


Rombo from Acrobatics is a “Distortion effect” “Distortion madness for fun, fun, fun! A true stereo quality choice for drums, synths, guitar or bass dynamic overdrive processing. Rombo captures all… Read more »