Category: Synth


Meteorite from Psychic Modulation is a “3 Oscillator Analogue Synth” “3 oscillator virtual analog performance synthesizer -3 Oscillators with sync, FM and ring mod -3 Envelopes (amp, filter and mod)… Read more »


Pandemonium from Psychic Modulation is a “Hybrid FM synth” “Pandemonium is a hybrid FM synth which uses a bizzare SnH style arpeggiator. The two FM oscillators are split up into… Read more »


Photon from Psychic Modulation is a “Hybrid Synth” “Photon is a strange hybrid synth with an with an experimental ‘warp’ engine for creating evolving rythmic sequences, random arpeggios and classic… Read more »


Subconscious from Psychic Modulation is a “Dual arpeggiation sequence synth” “An arpeggiation sequencer synth split into two sections for crossfading with feedback modulation. Independant filter and amp envelopes for both… Read more »


Alieno from Acrobatics is a “Monophonic synthesizer” “Originally written for KVR website DC competition, Alieno is Acrobatics’ peculiar performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation. It is easely suitable for lead… Read more »

U.F.O. Zone Edition

U.F.O. Zone Edition from is a “subtractive synthesizer plugin” “U.F.O. Zone Edition is upgraded version of original U.F.O. plugin with some updates, improvements and fixes. It is a subtractive… Read more »


Asper from is a “Experimental synth” “Experimental synth combining wave table, subtractive, phase distortion and physical modeling for sound generation. Idea was to add humanization to the sound on… Read more »


Eclipsis from is a “hybrid wavetable synthesizer” “Eclipsis is hybrid wavetable synthesizer with three oscillators each with his own frequency and subtractive modulation. Additional modulation possible with 6 LFO… Read more »