Category: Instruments

T-Force Alpha TS

T-Force Alpha TS from Mastrcode Music is a “subtractive synthesizer plugin” “Alpha TS is the first VST Plugin of the new upcoming T-Force (Trance-Force) VST Instruments and Effects series. It’s a… Read more »

T-Force Alpha Plus

T-Force Alpha Plus from Mastrcode Music is a “Substractive/FM Synthesizer” “T-Force Alpha Plus is a subtractive synthesizer with FM capabilities (Frequency Modulation), especially designed for trance music and similar styles of electronic music. Its multi… Read more »


jellyfish from de la mancha is a “4 oscillator wibbly wobbly synth” “jellyfish is a 4 oscillator synth with multiple modulation methods between the oscillators and of their various parameters… Read more »


styrofoam from de la mancha is a “lofi stylophone emulator” “styrofoam is a lovingly rendered emulation of the classic analog synth of yesteryear. Take a nostaligic stroll in soft-focus, sepia-toned… Read more »


psymon from de la mancha is a “lofi retro game sounds synth” “psymon continues from styrofoam the series of single-waveform, retro, lofi noise makers. Whilst faithfully recreating the ‘speaker in… Read more »


manic from de la mancha is a “8 slot random sample player” “manic is an 8 slot random sample player where you decide the samples, but manic decides when to… Read more »