1Basic Kit

1Basic Kit from beatassist.eu is a “Collection of 14 Basic Plugin Effects”

“1Basic Kit is a collection of 14 Basic plugin effects.
There are 3 types of plugins:
Basic plugins created by me.
HC plugins: are plugins that are based on Visual VSTi Programming Book written by H.G. Fortune (editor), Peter Schoffhauzer and Dave Haupt.
Evo plugins: evolutions from my first plugin designs.
This kit contains:
4-band EQ;
BandPass Evo;
Chorus HC;
Compressor HC;
Delay 2;
Distortion HC;
d-s-er Evo;
Filter M8;
Flanger HC;
Magik Pan;
Reverb Evo;
Vocoder HC;
X-Imager Evo.
1Basic Kit runs on Windows XP/Vista/Win7 32-bit and Win7 64-bit bridged.
1Basic Kit is Free.”

Windows VST32  v1.0 (33.95 Mb)

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