boost from de la mancha is a “dual-band parallel compression” “boost is a dual-band, parallel compression effect that enhances your audio by boosting the lows and highs whilst still letting… Read more »


GTA from de la mancha is a “vintage style compressor” “GTA is a vintage style ‘character’ compressor, designed like its muscle car name-sake for brute power, pure speed and to… Read more »


therapy from de la mancha is a “audio mind melt” “therapy is an effect plugin that allows you to express your innermost feelings, neurotic ramblings or burning, muderous rage, and… Read more »


truc from de la mancha is a “multi-effect plugin” “truc is a multi-effect VST plug-in, with 4 banks of effects controlled by the movement of 2 pucks. The top puck controls… Read more »


D2 from de la mancha is a “all-rounder compressor” “D2 is an all-rounder compressor with an easy to use interface for quickly dialling in some common settings. D2 can be… Read more »


bent from de la mancha is a “circuit-bent resynthesis effect” “bent is a circuit-bent resynthesis effect. It will recreate the incoming audio into an approximation of itself using a waveform-morphing… Read more »


gator from de la mancha is a “random gating effect” “gator creates a random gating effect, triggering volume between 2 adjustable values by a tempo-sync’d probability-based step sequencer. An LFO… Read more »